Monday, July 12, 2010

Bang, Crash, BOOOOOM!

My world today was full of crashing and booming. The guys came to remove the old cast iron tub this morning. Who knew that it could be broken up with a sledge hammer and carried out in fourths. Even my pugs, who are afraid of nothing, ducked and covered with each crashing blow of the sledge. My girls retreated to the front yard to trace themselves on the road with chalk. They said it was clearly audible outside.

When the tile guys left, Jose the Framer showed up to have a look at the demolition and remodel of the kitchen, sunroom, family room, powder room, and master bath...ok the rest of the house. He was a great guy and very sweet. He asked all sorts of questions to which my reply was "I don't know. Make it pretty." I've learned too many construction words in the last few weeks...flange, footers, framing, headers, diverter valve, and a few more I can't remember at the moment. I would rather deal with the pretty words...valance, couch, chaise, stacked get my drift. Needless to say, I am way out of my comfort zone. A general contractor I am not, but I am functioning as one for this bath remodel. I am more than ready to hand over the reins to the professionals.

Jose the Framer hung out for a little while talking about roof lines and then plants, which is something I do know. He left and the plumber called to tell me he would not be coming today. He had gotten held up at the morning job and couldn't get to us until tomorrow. So I called the tile guy and he said well there is no point in me coming until Wednesday. I think he was happy to have a day of golf. I got off the phone with the plumber and our fabulous interior designer, Kristy, called to say "WHAT?" about the e-mail I had sent her updating her on everything going on in my house. She had done the plans for us and it has been about 3 years in the works. Job changes, condemned furnaces, flooded basements, and all that life can throw at you in the middle of a great plan had come to bear in the midst of our interior redesign.

Of course she was on the phone when the "big crew" from Cobb County showed up for a drive by and to tell us they would be digging a giant hole in our front yard tomorrow and that we might lose some plants. I called them twice to tell them we had a water leak. My neighbor has made it his summer job to get them out here to fix the leak before it kills his Irises. Unfortunately, I think the "big crew" might just kill them for him. The poor irises won't stand a chance against the giant back hoe they paraded by the house this afternoon. I do think the guy that came to the door looked oddly like that guy from that silly show a couple years ago, Average Joe.

I'm curious who will leave us without water longer tomorrow, the plumber or the "big crew"? I suppose I should go fill some buckets so we can flush.

What was for dinner tonight? Ha, ha, Chinese take out. After all, even the best cooks need a night off every now and again.

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