Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fitting Woes

I love to sew but the elusive perfect pair of pants is still elusive. This week's challenge is to make myself some new pants. I tend to shy away from that task because they never seem to fit right. I read all the alterations books, look at all the "wrinkle smiles" and try to determine what is the problem with my crotch. My other problem is the back gap. No matter the pants, the brand, the pattern, I have a gap in the back. It is not a waist size issue because they fit snug in the front.

I have so many pair of passable muslins. From an untrained seamstress eye, the pants fit great. Little do they know that I wear my shirts untucked to cover my ugly waistbands and oddly gapping back waist. Most would look at me and see a slim built woman that would be easy to fit. Surprisingly, I am curvy by definition. There is a 10" difference between my waist and hip measurement even though I wear a size 4. My problem being that my torso is very long so the distance between my waist and hip is also long.

I write this post to tell others you are not alone. No matter your size, you will have fit issues. We are all brainwashed into thinking that Ready To Wear has a size to fit us all. They change the sizes constantly so that a 4 today may be a 6 tomorrow. The cut is changed almost as frequently so that pair of Gap jeans that you have worn out, are just a distant memory because they no longer make that style. Fads come and go and pant legs get fuller and tighter. Waistlines rise and lower with the changing of the tides. If you are lucky enough to find a pair of jeans that fit, buy 10 pair and make sure you never age or change weight.

When I get my perfect pants finally finished, I will post a picture.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm a Knitter!

I've become crazy about knitting socks. My first attempt ended badly. So bad in fact that I only made one and left it lying on the back stairs so long a moth ate a hole in it. The toe was oddly rectangular and the foot length was too short. My second attempt, which I call my first pair because really, it's the only pair I've made, came out much better. I enjoy wearing them. I ripped out that first sock 3 times before I got it right. That is what I get for using a free pattern off the internet. Turns out it was missing a row.

With one pair under my belt, I decided I needed a bigger challenge. Looking through my new sock book, I settled on these because they fit the supplies that I have. Additionally, they are just pretty and look very impressive for a beginning knitter. Socks are very logical once you figure out the basics. They are all generally constructed the same way with all the same sections. They are small and easy to transport. I spend about 4-5 hours a week, sitting and waiting for my girls. This is just the project. I could read but then I wouldn't get to chat with my other mom friends. Given the choice I would have a portable sewing studio, but until that purse Hermione had in Harry Potter becomes a reality, I will have to stick to knitting socks.

Unfortunately, the bottom of my bag had begun to look like a game of pick up sticks. It was time to make a knitting roll. Using the scraps laying on my cutting table, I whipped this up in under an hour. I made it 8x12 but my next version will be a touch bigger because some of my needles don't fit. Very simple sewing and perhaps someday, I will make a tutorial.

For dinner tonight: cranberry orange pot roast. A family favorite.