Sunday, May 30, 2010

Homemaking 101

It was time to make myself an apron. I always look at pictures of the 50's housewife with her beautiful clothes and well worn apron and think how I would have fit into that time period better than I fit into the current. I love to cook and sew. True I grumble about laundry and cleaning toilets but I do enjoy the satisfaction of clean clothes and that just scrubbed bathroom scent. I just love being at home.

Why hadn't I made myself an apron years ago? Same reason the plumbers pipes are always broken...time. It had never gotten to the top of the list like all the other things. As cute as the apron is, let's face reality when I say it is true utilitarian sewing like making pajamas and underwear. It's not something I would wear out of the house. Nobody might ever see it but family and friends invited for dinner. Most will not question whether I made it because it will probably sneak by with just a passing glance. It is in fact, just an apron. Much like a good old pick up truck that was once shiny and new. It will succumb to utility.

I did some more utility sewing this weekend. I made new oven mitts for my kitchen. The old ones were past their useful lives and filled with holes. I also made a new pool bag. I had the brilliant idea of making the bag out of microfiber. Microfiber is the same fabric used for making men's swim trunks. It's bright and cheery and I made it big enough to carry 4 towels. OK, so it is rather enormous but the fabric itself is very lightweight. I even included a zippered pouch on one side for my keys, money, and cell phone. Now if only it would stop thundering...

What's for dinner tonight? Grilled Tuna marinated in lemon and mint served with barley and some oven roasted carrots. If I get motivated there might also be a salad.

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