Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Oh the weather outside is frightful...
I love a good snow storm and that is the one thing I miss living in the south. Of course it takes a lot less snow in the south to make for a good snow day. I grew up outside DC and as soon as it started snowing, they started plowing. By the time the storm was over, we could get out and about. We missed a day of school here and there, but not like they miss down here. If they are predicting snow or any wintry precipitation, the schools close.

Of course the south has no reason to invest millions in snow removal equipment so we cope. The problem is that people get snowed in for a day and go stir crazy. All these moms that are desperate to send their kids off to school everyday suddenly find themselves stuck in the house with those same kids. They feel the desperate need to go OUT. It doesn't matter where...Kroger, Walmart, just out. Of course going out on these roads is a death wish. In the south, they don't plow neighborhoods and side streets. They were having a tough enough time keeping the interstates clear today. Add to their ice woes an SUV with stir crazy mom and a load of crazy kids. Seems like a good time.

I am more than happy to stay home. Gives me more time to sew! The kids are thoroughly entertained by the rare accumulating snow and play outside. I have gotten so much done this week with no activities to attend and no kids around. I will take a snow week anytime.

For dinner tonight...hamburgers, roasted potatoes, and peas.


  1. We live in the south too but escaped the snow this go around. Sounds like you've had a nice week at home. I love the coat that you sewed for you daughter!