Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mmmm, Cheese Alternative

I'll begin at the end...
What's for dinner tonight? Whole wheat Calzones with sundried tomatoes, pepperoni, and cheese.

Wait a second. After all the groaning I do about being dairy free and dairy causing me so many troubles, how could I have calzones with cheese? I have found a new product which stands to alleviate my cheese envy. Daiya Vegan Cheese has arrived just in time to save my day. I was so excited about this product, that I sent my hubby to Whole Foods just to pick some up.

Admittedly, I did not have real high expectations for this product. Having tried several other vegan cheeses, I was always left with a strange after taste or an even stranger texture when using in my favorite recipes. I made some homemade "cheeze spread" that the girls dubbed "cheeze goop". They turned their noses up in disgust as I tried longingly to replicate my beloved cheese. They devoured their grilled cheese sandwiches while I tried desperately to console myself with cheeze goop sandwiches and convince myself that it really tasted good. It didn't.

So I tentatively placed a few shreds of mozzarella in my mouth, bracing for the funky aftertaste or the waxy texture. I was pleasantly surprised that the taste, while not exactly mozzarella, was quite good. The texture was not exactly right but very close. It was close enough that I liberally sprinkled some shreds on my calzone and hoped for the best.

Honestly, it was the best calzone I have had in years! The cheese melted beautifully and added just the right texture and taste that I didn't long for everyone else's calzones dripping with Italian cheese. My husband even declared that he would be willing to eat it in a casserole or something. That's quite an endorsement. I come!

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