Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Home.

After many fits and starts with a blog, I've finally settled on this. I contemplated a prayer blog, a cooking blog, a sewing blog, but finally decided that choosing between these was like selecting my favorite child. My home encompasses all these things that I dearly love. Perhaps it will inspire someone. Mainly, I just love to write and feel driven to write something.

What's for dinner? Or shall I say, "what should I have for dinner" as my cousin always asks knowing I can pull something out of my hat. This morning she called to ask about a pot roast and if I had a recipe. Then she asked, "When should I start it if I want it for dinner tonight?". Turns out she hadn't purchased the pot roast yet so I opted to give her a Hawaiian chicken crock pot recipe that cooks much quicker.

What's for dinner? Such a loaded question. For a tired homemaker it can be the icing on the cake of a tough day full of screaming toddlers and endless work. It's an age old question though and sometimes a difficult one to answer. When the pantry is getting bare and there is nothing left in the fridge, it's an even tougher question. It's an even harder question when you are a new mom, new homemaker, and ill prepared to run a household let alone care for an infant. I'm reading a book set in the late 1920's. The main character is a girl of 14 that has taken on the role of "homemaker" as her mother is pregnant and ill. How many 14 year olds could run a household these days? I know adult women that cannot seem to get a grasp on household management. Perhaps it should be a college class.

I am proud to say that my mom raised me right and at 12 I could handle the household. I am on track to produce equally well equipped daughters. That is not to say that I want them to be housewives, but it is a practical skill better learned when you are young and unfettered by a toddler.

So what is for dinner tonight? A smoked grilled chicken, peas, risotto, and some hot biscuits. Praise God for our provision.

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