Friday, March 4, 2011

Tulle Explosion

Tutu making is not for the weak of heart or easily discouraged. It is a tremendous amount of tulle which can be rather unwieldy at times. Above, my trusty old Bernina is chugging through the 4th row of tulle on the waistband for this romantic tutu. No fancy machinery though, just a good old mechanical machine that can muscle through anything yet still handle delicate tulle. I have fancier machines that do fancier stitches but this is by far the machine I use the most.

When I lovingly open up my Bernina and clean lint out of the metal gears and drop some oil here and there to keep her running, I am reminded of the utility and simplicity inherent in these machines. They were manufactured in the 1970's. The intention was that they would run forever. It seems that more and more things have become disposable. And not just razors and grocery bags, but big things like appliances, furniture, vehicles. How many people do you know driving around a 20 year old car? Has our age of abundance and prosperity made us wasteful?

Let's talk socks for a minute. My daughter is learning to sew from an old book originally published in 1913. One of the lessons is darning and mending. When was the last time you thought about mending a sock? Having started but not finished knitting a sock, I can tell you if that sock got a hole, I would definitely mend it because of all the labor I have sacrificed. Maybe because necessities are so cheap, we don't consider our wastefulness.

For dinner tonight...grilled salmon, roasted cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and bread.

Here is the finished tutu...


  1. "It seems that more and more things have become disposable." My husband and I recently had that discussion. Our 15+ year old washer that otherwise functioned perfectly fine was making loud clanking noises on the spin cycle and no amount of adjusting the load helped. Most of our friends told us to buy a new one. I took a little time to research the problem on the internet and discovered it was probably a spring. When my husband looked, sure enough the hole where the spring attached had worn through. A few minutes taken to drill a new hole and reattach the spring, our washer is back to functioning quietly. It's much better to fix/maintain what we have.

    It does seem though, that most things are not made to last for many years anymore.

    Love the tutu! I bet it will make someone very happy.

  2. Thanks Cindy. The tutu is for the dance studio so my girls won't get to wear it. Thankfully my dad is an appliance repairman and so whenever something breaks, I call him and he sorts it out over the phone. If you had had to call a repairman out, it would have been cheaper to replace the washer:(