Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vicious Turtles

We live in a suburban area but that does not mean our yard is void of nature. In fact we are always amazed at the creatures that visit our yard. We have a resident hawk that swoops through occasionally perching on our deck or bird bath. There are Red Headed and Pileated woodpeckers that frequent our trees. The bluebirds are on their third clutch of eggs this year and it has been so much fun to watch them tirelessly feeding their young.

I like to think we coexist with nature not in competition. We recycle. We grow a vegetable garden. We don't use harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals inside or outside our house. I've been known to release ladybugs and lacewings to combat the aphids that eat my tomato plants.

So it is with great enthusiasm every year that we welcome the box turtles that frequent our yard looking for tomatoes or blueberries. I had no idea that box turtles ate either tomatoes or blueberries until I saw them with my own eyes. The girls are thrilled to see them every year. Our dear old Penny used to bark at the turtles as they made their arduous trek across our yard. I'm not sure what barking did but the turtles just ignored her.

This year the arrival of the turtle was especially amusing because our pugs weren't with us last year. At first they ignored it. Then they sniffed it but as it looked like a rock, they quickly got bored of sniffing and laid down on the deck. Then the turtle decided to come out and try to escape and that is when things got interesting. First they tried sniffing it's butt because that's how dogs say hello. The turtle didn't like this method of greeting and hissed at them. At this point Ava decided the best course of action was to hide behind S. Casey decided to bark. They were definitely more afraid of him than he was of them. If nothing else, it was our entertainment for the afternoon.

What's for dinner tonight? Homemade fish sticks, roasted potatoes, green beans, and a salad. At the request of dear hubby. Happy Father's Day!

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